About Us

A taste you feel. A memory you eat.

Launched in 2004 in Barcelona, PAPABUBBLE had reinterpreted the process of making candy, with a 100% manual process that requires great skill of our candy masters. A real candy production show right in front of our visitors, who will witness the entire process to complete, they will smell, feel, and taste the recently made candy. A unique and unforgettable experience.

Eat me. Love me. Smell me. Hear me. Touch me.

At PAPABUBBLE, we bring passion and creativity to each candy we make . Our goal is to have our candy making process to be an exciting experience for all 5 of your senses with the smell of melted sugar, the bright colors of the candy, and the sweet, delicious tastes. The process is a combination of art forms, including a bit of theater, design, sculpting, creativity and flavor!

A unique experience… customized in every piece of candy.

We offer customized candy services for customers from all walks of life. We are able to create candies with names, initials, date, company brands, corporate logos, etc. along with combinations of flavors and colors, made entirely to your specifications.