PAPABUBBLE candies are all hand made in small batches in the store, fresh and individually sealed in packaging. Below is a quick guide to the packaging of our candy.


Our bags are top quality, transparent in the front, silver color in the back.

  • Bags of 3 candies (6g)
  • Bags of 3 candies (12g)
  • Bags of 10-12 candies (20g)
  • Bags of 15-18 candies (30g)
  • Bags of 25-28 candies (50g)
  • Bags of 30-35 candies (60g)

Packaging-Bags | PAPABUBBLE 回禮手工糖


Our jars are made of glass with a black lid. They come in four different sizes:

  • Mini 15-18 candies (30g)
  • Small 22-26 candies (45g)
  • Standard 30-33 candies (60g)
  • Large size 90-100 candies (180g)

Packaging-Jars | PAPABUBBLE 西班牙手工糖If you need something customized, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or send an email to and let us know how we can help you.